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Giving Day as a Student

Did you know that Giving Day is for anyone with a relationship to Virginia Tech – including students (and your parents)? In truth, students made up over 1,300 of our donors last year. You get to choose EXACTLY which area of campus your gift goes to – from departments to student organizations, and beyond. This means you get to give to whatever means the most to you. There are also many ways for students to get involved beyond making a gift – check out all the opportunities below!

Make a Gift

One of the major ways you can participate in Giving Day as a student is as simple: Make a gift to what you love most at Virginia Tech. We aren’t asking you to give hundreds of dollars or even sacrifice your daily coffee – gifts as small as $5 can add up to make a monumental difference. Plus, if you’re a senior, your gift can count toward your Senior Class Gift as well! Remember that you can give to whichever program on campus means the most to you — you get to choose.

Join the Giving Day Scavenger Hunt!

Ready to learn more about campus, have fun, and make your mark on Virginia Tech? Join the Giving Day Student Scavenger Hunt! Participating is easy:

1️⃣ Get the Goosechase app. It’s available on the Apple and Google Play stores.

2️⃣ Type in the code. This year, there are three different game levels so you can choose your own adventure! Use the following codes as your game login based on which type of missions you’d like to complete — or do them all!

  • Virtual: QPQ6RQ
  • Hybrid: P8KQ9W
  • Challenge: EDJQ3X

3️⃣ Start playing! The race to win starts Feb. 21 at noon with challenges on three different levels happening until Feb. 22 at noon when Giving Day ends.

What's at stake?

There will be dozens of missions to accomplish, each with a different point value. Five winners will receive $500 in bonus funds to make a gift to the area of their choice — plus bragging rights. All participants will also receive a special T-shirt. Share your journey online, using #VTGivingDay.

Support the Student Organization Challenge!

The Student Organization Challenge is represented by the Registered Student Organizations, Club Sports, and All-Stars leaderboards. The top 10 organizations on each leaderboard with the most donors during Giving Day will receive bonus funds to further support their organization’s mission and work! If your favorite organization is listed, be sure to give a gift and encourage others to give as well.

Attend the Giving Day Wrap-Up Party!

On Feb. 22 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., join us at Squires Student Center Information Booth A for a Giving Day Celebration! There will be pizza, giveaways, and a celebration to countdown to the end of Giving Day. We’ll share information on the final numbers for our Giving Day successes!

See what people are sharing about Virginia Tech Giving Day 2024!
Hokies are everywhere!
Rank State Gifts
1 VA 912
2 MD 70
3 NC 63
Social Media: Word Search Challenge
Between 7 and 8 a.m., a word search will be shared on Virginia Tech's Instagram Stories. One user who screenshots the blank word search, correctly completes it, and posts it will be randomly selected to unlock a gift to the Virginia Tech area of their choice. --- Winner: Virginia Center for Civil War Studies
All-Stars Challenge
The top-5 "All-Star" Student Organizations and Sport Clubs with the most unique donors during Giving Day will receive additional funds.
Rank Prize Student Org/Sport Club Donors
1 $2,000 German Club Alumni Account 499
2 $1,700 Wesley Foundation at VT 334
3 $1,250 Virginia Tech Crew Club 253
4 $900 Club Cross Country/Track & Field 148
5 $750 Rocketry at VT 67
Student Organizations Challenge
The top-10 Student Organizations with the most unique donors during Giving Day will receive additional funds.
Rank Prize Clubs/Organizations Donors
1 $1,300 Catholic Campus Ministry at VT 141
2 $1,100 The Polo Club 117
3 $900 Hillel at VT 103
4 $800 VT Chapter American Institute of Chemical Engineers 98
5 $700 Sailing Club at VT 69
Cadet Company Participation Challenge
The cadet company with the highest number of participants (cadets, alums, parents, and friends of the Corps included) by the end of Giving Day will be awarded a streamer for their guidon that will display the company’s dedication to philanthropy. Participants can donate to any university fund available in the Giving Day donation form.
Please select your Company
Rank Answer Donors
1 Highty-Tighties 149
2 Charlie 68
3 Echo 61
4 Hotel 55
5 Foxtrot 48
6 Alpha 46
7 Bravo 46
8 Golf 42
9 Delta 41
10 Mike 35
11 Kilo 34
12 Oscar 24
13 India 20
14 Lima 20
15 November 19
Social Media: Decades Challenge
Share a photo from your favorite Virginia Tech decade on social media with #VTGivingDay. One randomly selected winner will choose a favorite Virginia Tech fund to receive a $1,000 bonus gift. ---- Winner: Hokie Ambassadors
Social Media: Trivia Challenge
From 8-9 p.m. EST, follow along with on Instagram Stories to answer trivia questions about Virginia Tech! One randomly selected user who answers a trivia question correctly will be able to gift $1,000 to a fund of their choice. -- Winner: Hospitality & Tourism Management Annual Fund
Early (Hokie)Bird Challenge
Rise and shine, early bird Hokies! If Virginia Tech gets 200 donors from 6-7 a.m. EST, it will unlock $500 for the Virginia Tech Annual Fund.
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