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Pamplin College of Business

Over the next 24 hours, help Pamplin keep its spot at the top of Virginia Tech’s Giving Day Leaderboard for a fourth straight year. Our goal for Giving Day 2024 is 2,750 unique donors and your gift, no matter the size, will support us in reaching this goal.

Whether you choose to give to the college’s annual fund; a department or program; Pamplin's Office for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging; the Global Business and Analytics Complex; or a student organization, your gift will help us prepare the next generation of business leaders.

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Rank State Gifts
1 VA 2274
2 NC 166
3 NJ 148
Beat-Your-Best Donors Leaderboard
The top-10 colleges or units to outperform the number of unique donors who gave during last year's Giving Day will be rewarded with additional funds!
Rank Prize College/Unit % +/- Goal
1 $15,000 Recreational Sports +128.40% 2,284
goal: 1,000
2 $12,500 Outreach and International Affairs +77.46% 126
goal: 71
3 $11,000 Radio IQ | WVTF Music +73.68% 33
goal: 19
4 $9,500 Athletics +53.69% 2,230
goal: 1,451
5 $8,000 College of Natural Resources and Environment +39.46% 774
goal: 555
Social Media: Word Search Challenge
Between 7 and 8 a.m., a word search will be shared on Virginia Tech's Instagram Stories. One user who screenshots the blank word search, correctly completes it, and posts it will be randomly selected to unlock a gift to the Virginia Tech area of their choice. --- Winner: Virginia Center for Civil War Studies
Pamplin DEIB Bonus Challenge
When Pamplin reaches the following donor milestones, $10,000 in bonus funds will be unlocked for the Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging: 2,683 unique donors will unlock $5,000 for Pamplin DEIB; 2,750 unique donors will unlock an additional $5,000 for Pamplin DEIB.
2,750 / 2,750 Donors
Pamplin Leaderboard Challenge
All Pamplin departments, programs, and initiatives will win a share of Pamplin Leaderboard challenge funds. $100,000 will be awarded to the top 10 units with the most donors to their area with 1st place receiving $20,000 aggregated down to 10th place receiving $2,000. Following Giving Day, Pamplin will award special bonuses to units #11-38 on the Leaderboard: When Pamplin reaches 2,683 unique donors, an additional $500 will be unlocked for units #11-38 on the Leaderboard. When Pamplin reaches its goal of 2,750 unique donors, an additional $500 will be unlocked for all units #11-38 on the Leaderboard for a total of $1,000 for each. Our sincere appreciation to our 2024 Leaderboard donors who have made this possible.
Rank Prize Fund Designation Donors
1 $20,000 Pamplin ReInventing Social Media Program (Prism) 733
2 $18,000 Hospitality & Tourism Management Annual Fund 394
3 $15,000 BASIS (Bond & Securities Investing by Students) 393
4 $12,000 SEED (Student Managed Endowment for Educational Development) 380
5 $10,000 Marketing Department Annual Fund 179
Pamplin Virginia Tech Advantage Challenge
This year, your gift will go to help unlock scholarship support for talented and resolute Pamplin students. Did you know that Virginia Tech is only able to help meet 54 percent of students’ overall financial need to attend? In line with the Virginia Tech Advantage, we are challenging all Pamplin alumni to help us address the financial burden of attending college by making a Giving Day gift, to the designation of choice to any Pamplin fund on the Giving Day platform. Donors can make a gift to any Pamplin fund and help unlock funds for Pamplin scholarships. For every 275 unique donors, $10,000 will be unlocked for Pamplin scholarship support, up to $100,000. The 2024 Pamplin Virginia Tech Advantage Challenge is facilitated by the generous support of Michael Clarke ’83, who believes strongly that a Pamplin education should be affordable and accessible to any student talented and diligent enough to pursue a Pamplin degree.
2,750 / 2,750 Donors
Cadet Company Participation Challenge
The cadet company with the highest number of participants (cadets, alums, parents, and friends of the Corps included) by the end of Giving Day will be awarded a streamer for their guidon that will display the company’s dedication to philanthropy. Participants can donate to any university fund available in the Giving Day donation form.
Please select your Company
Rank Answer Donors
1 Highty-Tighties 149
2 Charlie 68
3 Echo 61
4 Hotel 55
5 Foxtrot 48
6 Alpha 46
7 Bravo 46
8 Golf 42
9 Delta 41
10 Mike 35
11 Kilo 34
12 Oscar 24
13 India 20
14 Lima 20
15 November 19
Social Media: Decades Challenge
Share a photo from your favorite Virginia Tech decade on social media with #VTGivingDay. One randomly selected winner will choose a favorite Virginia Tech fund to receive a $1,000 bonus gift. ---- Winner: Hokie Ambassadors
Social Media: Trivia Challenge
From 8-9 p.m. EST, follow along with on Instagram Stories to answer trivia questions about Virginia Tech! One randomly selected user who answers a trivia question correctly will be able to gift $1,000 to a fund of their choice. -- Winner: Hospitality & Tourism Management Annual Fund
Early (Hokie)Bird Challenge
Rise and shine, early bird Hokies! If Virginia Tech gets 200 donors from 6-7 a.m. EST, it will unlock $500 for the Virginia Tech Annual Fund.
Pamplin College of Business Hourly Challenge
If 200 donors give to any fund within the Pamplin College of Business between 3-4 p.m. EST, $500 will be unlocked for the Pamplin College of Business annual fund.
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