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College of Architecture, Arts, and Design
Transforming Visions into Masterpieces: Support the College of Architecture, Arts, and Design

The College of Architecture, Arts, and Design (AAD) at Virginia Tech is a global leader in architecture, visual and performing arts, and design. We are a community of courageous architects, designers, artists, and creators of communities. We are centered around transformative practices across environments, constructs, and human intersections. We care about — and work to improve — our shared natural and built environments.

And we are so proud of the Marching Virginians, who have been an integral part of the fabric of Virginia Tech since 1974. Your support helps maintain the level of excellence on the performance field that the MVs are beloved for.

Beyond the classroom and our studio spaces, our college prioritizes hands-on experience through research, study abroad experiences, internships, and student organizations that expand skills and broaden horizons. We empower students with the ability to combine technical expertise with critical and creative inquiry. With your support, we can provide more of these exciting opportunities to a growing body of AAD students.

Every gift to AAD on Giving Day matters. Whether you’re a first-time donor or a long-time supporter, your generosity helps support the aspirations of our students:

  • $25 provides meals for your favorite Marching Virginian on game day
  • $50 supports technology fees that provide students with access to state-of-the-art equipment such as virtual reality lenses and 3D printers/scanners
  • $100 provides transportation for students working on community-engaged projects in Radford and Christiansburg, Virginia
  • $250 helps fund scholarships that help remove financial roadblocks for students and support their educational goals
  • $500 supports transportation for students to major metropolitan areas beyond campus to visit world-renowned design firms, architectural sites, works of art, and musical performances
  • $750 helps bring professional architects, designers, and artists to campus as a part of the college’s various exhibitions and lectures for student engagement, professional growth, and enrichment
  • $1,000 supports strings education for Southwest Virginia middle school students for a semester
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Rank State Gifts
1 VA 673
2 NC 84
3 MD 52
Beat-Your-Best Donors Leaderboard
The top-10 colleges or units to outperform the number of unique donors who gave during last year's Giving Day will be rewarded with additional funds!
Rank Prize College/Unit % +/- Goal
1 $15,000 Recreational Sports +128.40% 2,284
goal: 1,000
2 $12,500 Outreach and International Affairs +77.46% 126
goal: 71
3 $11,000 Radio IQ | WVTF Music +73.68% 33
goal: 19
4 $9,500 Athletics +53.69% 2,230
goal: 1,451
5 $8,000 College of Natural Resources and Environment +39.46% 774
goal: 555
Social Media: Word Search Challenge
Between 7 and 8 a.m., a word search will be shared on Virginia Tech's Instagram Stories. One user who screenshots the blank word search, correctly completes it, and posts it will be randomly selected to unlock a gift to the Virginia Tech area of their choice. --- Winner: Virginia Center for Civil War Studies
50 for 50 Landscape Architecture Challenge
In honor of the Landscape Architecture program's 50th anniversary, $2,500 will be unlocked for student conference travel once 50 donors make a gift to the program.
50 / 50 Donors
AAD Dean's Beat Your Best — Program Challenge
The program within any school in the College of Architecture, Arts, and Design that has the largest percent increase in donors over the 2023 Giving Day will receive $1,500. Second place will receive $750, and third place will receive $250.
Rank Prize Program/Department % +/- Goal
1 $1,500 Graphic Design Annual Fund +3800.00% 39
goal: 1
2 $750 School of Visual Arts Annual Scholarship Fund +325.00% 17
goal: 4
3 $250 Community Design Assistance Center +250.00% 7
goal: 2
4 School of Architecture Annual Technology Support Fund +192.00% 73
goal: 25
5 Landscape Architecture Annual Fund +186.36% 63
goal: 22
AAD Dean's College Challenge
When 825 donors make a gift to any fund in the college, $10,000 will be unlocked for the college's annual fund, giving Dean Liu the flexibility to use the dollars where needed most.
825 / 825 Donors
School of Design Family Challenge
The program within the School of Design that has the largest percent increase in donors over the 2023 Giving Day will receive an additional $1,500. The 2nd place program will receive an additional $1,000.
Rank Prize Fund Designation % +/- Goal
1 $1,500 Landscape Architecture Annual Fund +186.36% 63
goal: 22
2 $1,000 Industrial Design Annual Fund -12.50% 49
goal: 56
3 Interior Design Annual Fund -28.12% 23
goal: 32
Spirit of Tech Challenge
When 425 donors make a gift to the Marching Virginians, $2,500 will be unlocked for the Jim Sochinski Spirit of Tech Award.
425 / 425 Donors
Tech for Architecture Challenge
Once 100 donors make a gift to any fund in the School of Architecture, $5,000 will be unlocked for the School of Architecture Technology Support Fund.
100 / 100 Donors
Cadet Company Participation Challenge
The cadet company with the highest number of participants (cadets, alums, parents, and friends of the Corps included) by the end of Giving Day will be awarded a streamer for their guidon that will display the company’s dedication to philanthropy. Participants can donate to any university fund available in the Giving Day donation form.
Please select your Company
Rank Answer Donors
1 Highty-Tighties 149
2 Charlie 68
3 Echo 61
4 Hotel 55
5 Foxtrot 48
6 Alpha 46
7 Bravo 46
8 Golf 42
9 Delta 41
10 Mike 35
11 Kilo 34
12 Oscar 24
13 India 20
14 Lima 20
15 November 19
Social Media: Decades Challenge
Share a photo from your favorite Virginia Tech decade on social media with #VTGivingDay. One randomly selected winner will choose a favorite Virginia Tech fund to receive a $1,000 bonus gift. ---- Winner: Hokie Ambassadors
Social Media: Trivia Challenge
From 8-9 p.m. EST, follow along with on Instagram Stories to answer trivia questions about Virginia Tech! One randomly selected user who answers a trivia question correctly will be able to gift $1,000 to a fund of their choice. -- Winner: Hospitality & Tourism Management Annual Fund
Early (Hokie)Bird Challenge
Rise and shine, early bird Hokies! If Virginia Tech gets 200 donors from 6-7 a.m. EST, it will unlock $500 for the Virginia Tech Annual Fund.
College of Architecture, Arts, and Design Hourly Challenge
If 50 donors give to any fund within the College of Architecture, Arts, and Design between 6-7 p.m. EST, $500 will be unlocked for the college's annual fund.
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