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Graduate School
Make a Difference in the Lives of Graduate Students

Students are at the center of everything Virginia Tech’s Graduate School does as it fulfills its mission to advance graduate education as a critical component in the transmission of new knowledge, new research, new ideas, and new scholarship in the university. We provide programs, services, and support for a community of more than 7,000 graduate students whose reasons for pursuing graduate degrees are as varied as the students themselves. 

The Graduate School is responsible for graduate education across the university, with more than 150 degree and certificate programs offered at campuses throughout the commonwealth and online. We are committed to fostering a rich learning environment that attracts and retains outstanding graduate students. We also strive to create an inclusive and welcoming community for students across programs and campuses. 

More than 3,000 graduate students receive financial assistance, and your Giving Day donation helps us provide needed support for them. You will find graduate students

  • Working on groundbreaking research in university laboratories and institutions.
  • Teaching and mentoring undergraduate students in their fields of study.
  • Providing support for key initiatives in departments and on campuses across the university.

Additionally, your gift supports 

  • Research fellowships for students.
  • Scholarships for international students; fellowship assistance for members of underrepresented and underserved populations and support through the Dean’s Diversity Assistantship program
  • Travel and lodging support for scholars in the interdisciplinary Global Perspectives Program research in Europe.
  • Professional Development: Helping students hone the skills needed to succeed in careers within the academy and in industry. 
  • Childcare assistance: Providing safe and affordable care for graduate students with families.
  • Gap funding: Assisting students who need help to cover the cost of the last credits they need to complete a degree or to cover unexpected degree-required expenses.
  • Emergency support for students in need of such assistance.


How you can help

Gifts to these funds assure that we can continue providing students with the support and services they need as they pursue their degrees and further our work in fostering an inclusive graduate community at Virginia Tech.

Graduate School Annual Fund

Your gift to this fund supports fellowships and scholarships for students so they can pursue their degrees and helps cover the cost of workshops, speaker events, and other such activities supporting students. This fund also provides emergency assistance to students when such is needed. 

Communicating Science

Your gift helps support a key program initiated by the Graduate School to help students share their work effectively and clearly with a wide range of audiences. These skills also help students work with colleagues across disciplines as they tackle today’s complex problems.

Little Hokie Hangout Fund

Gifts to this initiative help graduate students with children pursue their educational and professional goals by enrolling their children in the Graduate School’s own early education program. Ten donations of $50 make it possible for a child to attend the program three mornings a week for an entire semester. Students who have received this assistance say it has made continuing and completing their education possible.

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3 NC 3
Beat-Your-Best Donors Leaderboard
The top-10 colleges or units to outperform the number of unique donors who gave during last year's Giving Day will be rewarded with additional funds!
Rank Prize College/Unit % +/- Goal
1 $15,000 Recreational Sports +128.40% 2,284
goal: 1,000
2 $12,500 Outreach and International Affairs +77.46% 126
goal: 71
3 $11,000 Radio IQ | WVTF Music +73.68% 33
goal: 19
4 $9,500 Athletics +53.69% 2,230
goal: 1,451
5 $8,000 College of Natural Resources and Environment +39.46% 774
goal: 555
Social Media: Word Search Challenge
Between 7 and 8 a.m., a word search will be shared on Virginia Tech's Instagram Stories. One user who screenshots the blank word search, correctly completes it, and posts it will be randomly selected to unlock a gift to the Virginia Tech area of their choice. --- Winner: Virginia Center for Civil War Studies
Communicating Science Challenge
If the Graduate School receives gifts from 130 donors, we will receive a gift of $5,000 to support the communicating science program for graduate students.
130 / 130 Donors
Graduate School 100 Donor Challenge
If the Graduate School receives gifts of any size from 100 donors, we will receive $10,000 to support the Little Hokie Hangout early childhood education center that provides child care for graduate students and staff members with preschool children.
100 / 100 Donors
Cadet Company Participation Challenge
The cadet company with the highest number of participants (cadets, alums, parents, and friends of the Corps included) by the end of Giving Day will be awarded a streamer for their guidon that will display the company’s dedication to philanthropy. Participants can donate to any university fund available in the Giving Day donation form.
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1 Highty-Tighties 149
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3 Echo 61
4 Hotel 55
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6 Alpha 46
7 Bravo 46
8 Golf 42
9 Delta 41
10 Mike 35
11 Kilo 34
12 Oscar 24
13 India 20
14 Lima 20
15 November 19
Social Media: Decades Challenge
Share a photo from your favorite Virginia Tech decade on social media with #VTGivingDay. One randomly selected winner will choose a favorite Virginia Tech fund to receive a $1,000 bonus gift. ---- Winner: Hokie Ambassadors
Social Media: Trivia Challenge
From 8-9 p.m. EST, follow along with on Instagram Stories to answer trivia questions about Virginia Tech! One randomly selected user who answers a trivia question correctly will be able to gift $1,000 to a fund of their choice. -- Winner: Hospitality & Tourism Management Annual Fund
Early (Hokie)Bird Challenge
Rise and shine, early bird Hokies! If Virginia Tech gets 200 donors from 6-7 a.m. EST, it will unlock $500 for the Virginia Tech Annual Fund.
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