Giving Day 2022
College of Engineering

In the past year, our faculty and students have faced unprecedented challenges to accessing engaging learning opportunities. Navigating waves of uncertainty and unfamiliar challenges, they’ve tapped into creativity and resilience to keep discovering, building, connecting, and serving. 

This February, help us empower our students to keep learning by doing. Take part in Giving Day to support the Virginia Tech Engineering student experience in an extraordinary time.

As we head into 2021, the College of Engineering’s goal for Giving Day is to reach 2,021 donors. And this year, we’re launching a challenge to amplify the impact of our donors.


Up for the challenge? 
Here’s how it works: Tom (‘84) and Julie Taylor are contributing an initial gift of $20,000. Every donor to contribute to the college for Giving Day will unlock an additional $10 from the Taylors, up to $25,000. Make your gift and get us closer to 2,021 donors!


Gifts of any size make a big impact on experiential learning across the college:

  • $5 purchases 4-piece landing gear for a drone.

  • $12 provides the Thomas M. Murray Structures Laboratory with a pair of safety glasses for a civil and environmental engineering student.

  • $50 covers the cost of two 9-foot parachutes for rocketry teams like the Orbital Launch Vehicle Team or inVenTs Rocketry.

  • $100 covers the purchase of personal protective equipment required for a biological systems engineering student to perform protein separation in the lab, or sends a current mining student on a one-day field trip to a mine or quarry.

  • $250 funds virtual conference registration for an engineering student, creating opportunities to learn, present undergraduate research, network, and expand professional growth.

  • $500 provides 50 hours of research experience in a faculty laboratory, or enables the Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity to hire three upperclass students to serve as peer mentors to teams of eight freshmen each.

  • $3000 provides industrial and systems engineering students with RIZE Rizium Polymer used for 3D printing in the Learning Factory, a new instructional facility where students will learn advanced manufacturing, industry 4.0, data analytics, and digital engineering.


Make your gift today! Come together with your fellow Hokies, past and present, to answer the call to support our Hokie Engineering students.


How to get involved:

  • Make a gift to one or more areas of the university that matter to you.

  • Sign up to be an Ambassador and encourage at least two of your friends to give.


How to designate a gift:

On the "Give" page, select the College of Engineering as the area of support. If you would like to designate a gift to a specific department, another dropdown menu will allow you to select a departmental fund. If you don't see your preferred gift designation, call (800) 533-1144 and make your gift over the phone.


After you give:

Once you've made your gift on Giving Day, we need your help to spread the spirit of giving to your networks. See the College of Engineering Ambassador Guide to learn more.

See what people are sharing about Virginia Tech Giving Day 2021!
Most Donors Leaderboard
The five units with the greatest number of donors on Giving Day will win a share of $5,000.
Rank Prize Unit Donors
1 $2,000 Pamplin College of Business 1,655
2 $1,500 Virginia Cooperative Extension & 4-H 1,486
3 $750 College of Engineering 1,471
4 $500 College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences 1,316
5 $250 Athletics 1,036
6 College of Science 834
7 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences 626
8 Corps of Cadets 532
9 Student Affairs 475
10 College of Architecture and Urban Studies 414
11 Inclusion and Diversity 253
12 Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine 232
13 College of Natural Resources and Environment 190
14 Moss Arts Center and ICAT 146
15 Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC 140
16 Graduate School 108
17 Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine 105
18 Myers-Lawson School of Construction 102
19 University Libraries 97
20 Hokie Family Annual Fund 72
21 Honors College 26
22 Radio IQ | WVTF Music 26
Myers-Lawson School of Construction Match
Ross Myers '72 will match the first $50,000 in gifts to Myers-Lawson School of Construction! Make your gift today and double your impact.
$46,484 MATCHED
College of Engineering Leaderboard
Which department is going to bring in the most donors on Giving Day?
Rank Fund Designation Donors
1 College of Engineering Annual Fund 265
2 Electrical & Computer Engineering Department Annual Fund 175
3 Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering 172
4 Civil & Environmental Engineering Department Annual Fund 140
5 Aerospace & Ocean Engineering Department Annual Fund 115
6 Mechanical Engineering Department Annual Fund 112
7 CEED (Center for the Enhancement of Eng. Diversity) 110
8 Computer Science Department Annual Fund 105
9 LDDI Land Development Design Initiative Fund 81
10 Chemical Engineering Department Annual Fund 73
11 Mining & Minerals Engineering Department Annual Fund 47
12 Biomedical Engineering & Mechanics Department Annual Fund 29
13 Materials Engineering Department Annual Fund 28
14 Ware Lab Student Projects 16
15 Biological Systems Engineering Department Annual Fund 15
16 Engineering Education Department Annual Fund 14
17 Myers-Lawson School of Construction Annual Fund 9
18 Global Engineering Experiences 8
Total Raised Leaderboard
Your favorite unit can win a share of $2,750 based on its total amount raised on Giving Day!
Rank Prize Unit Raised
1 $1,000 Pamplin College of Business $964,291.19
2 $750 College of Engineering $680,411.59
3 $500 Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine $630,795.20
4 $200 Athletics $492,154.58
5 $100 College of Science $461,937.18
6 College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences $159,135.91
7 Corps of Cadets $143,632.07
8 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences $135,173.63
9 Student Affairs $117,566.43
10 College of Architecture and Urban Studies $116,434.13
11 Virginia Cooperative Extension & 4-H $95,153.00
12 Myers-Lawson School of Construction $93,305.00
13 College of Natural Resources and Environment $92,565.41
14 Moss Arts Center and ICAT $60,874.00
15 Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC $60,415.00
16 Inclusion and Diversity $55,800.93
17 Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine $55,783.00
18 University Libraries $32,431.21
19 Hokie Family Annual Fund $24,562.00
20 Graduate School $10,023.00
21 Honors College $2,170.00
22 Radio IQ | WVTF Music $1,271.00
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