Virginia Tech Giving Day 2022

Questions and Answers

Below you will find answers to many common questions about Drive for 25 Blitz.

What is the Drive for 25 Blitz?

The Drive for 25 Blitz is a fundraising event scheduled for noon Wednesday, September 25, 2019 through 11:59PM (EDT) Friday, September 27th, 2019, inviting all members of Hokie Nation to join the Drive for 25,000 Hokie Club members. The goal is to increase Hokie Club membership from Virginia Tech alumni, faculty, staff, and fans of Virginia Tech Athletics to enable Hokie student-athletes to REACH FOR EXCELLENCE in the classroom, in competition and in the community.

When does Drive for 25 Day BLITZ go LIVE?

The Drive for 25 Blitz giving platform will be open to receive donations at noon EST on September 25, and it will close at 11:59PM (EDT) on September 27, allowing for 60 hours of giving to Virginia Tech Athletic programs.

How can I participate?

Anyone can get involved with the Drive for 25 Blitz! By joining the Hokie Club during the Blitz, you will make an impact. If you wish to be more involved, sign up to be an ambassador. Please also post about the Drive for 25 Blitz on social media using #D25BLITZ.

How can I join?

Donating is easy. Visit from Sept. 25, 2019 at noon through Sept. 27, 2019 at 11:59PM EDT and find one or more areas to give. We strongly encourage you to make your gift online. This is the only way to assure that your gift will qualify for matches and challenges taking place throughout the event. To give by phone, you may call (540) 231-6618. You can make a gift to support the Hokie Scholarship Fund or any of our 22 varsity sport programs and other athletic initiatives. You may make a gift to more than one area in the same transaction! When you make your gift you could also earn matching funds to support it. Then, share your experience! Post about it on social. Email it. Encourage your friends to match your gift. Encouraging others to participate guarantees success.

I am a current donor. Will my gift go toward my Hokie Scholarship Fund giving level for 2020-21 benefits?

Yes! Any giving during the Drive for 25 Day Blitz will be processed and will count toward active Hokie Club member's giving for 2020-21 benefits. Please allow for two weeks processing time for it to reflect in your VicTory Account and on your Hokie Club Priority Point Total.

Will giving during the Drive for 25 Blitz count toward my scholarship seating requirements for football/men's basketball?

As long as you make your gift to the Hokie Scholarship Fund during the Drive for 25 Blitz, your contribution will go toward any scholarship seating requirements for your football/men's basketball seating and parking for 2020-21. PLEASE NOTE: sport-specific giving is greatly appreciated and is reflected in your cumulative giving points for your Hokie Club Prioirty Point standing, but does NOT count toward any scholarship seating requirements for football/men's basketball.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

Your gift to the Virginia Tech Foundation, which acts as the depository for the Virginia Tech Athletic Fund, is tax deductible as provided by law.  For any portion of your gift not applied to a per-seat contribution for athletic tickets, we acknowledge that no goods or services were provided in consideration for your donation.  We encourage donors to seek their own tax and legal counsel in matters related to charitable giving.

Is there a minimum donation?

You can make a gift of $25 or more to participate in the Drive for 25 Day BLITZ and be counted as a Hokie Club member.

How can I contact the Hokie Club with giving-related questions?

Call us at (540) 231-6618 or email

Still have questions?

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