Student Hokie Club

By joining the Student Hokie Club, you would help provide a foundation upon which Virginia Tech student-athletes can build their academic excellence and athletic success. As a member, you receive exclusive opportunities to connect with your peers, alumni, and the teams whose winning traditions you made possible. We need your support this year and it is only $25!


By joining the Student Hokie Club membership, your benefits will include the following

  • Opportunity to pick up your Fuente/Young Student Hokie Club shirt

  • The chance to be on the field for Enter Sandman!

  • Access to exclusive experiences within the Virginia Tech Athletic Department

  • Earning 5 Hokie Club priority points per year

  • Exclusive promotions at designated Student Hokie Club athletic events

Rank State Donors
2 NONE 0
2 AA 0
2 AE 0
Most Seasoned Virginia Tech Fan
The most seasoned Virginia Tech fan that donates during the Drive for 25 BLITZ will win a "This is Home" blanket!
Furthest Donation
The fan that gives a gift from the furthest location, will receive an exclusive Virginia Tech swag bag!
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