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Virginia Tech Volleyball is on the upswing with Marci Byers at the helm. The Hokies are improving with plenty of promising recruits on the way. Your gift to this program would go towards assisting the coaching staff in their recruiting efforts, as well as the team’s budget to travel to some of the distant ACC opponents more easily.

As we continue to move through the ever-changing landscape of college athletics, the outside support we continue to cultivate is becoming even more important. Student-athletes are competing at a higher level each and every year and additional funding can drive their success even further. We consider Virginia Tech Volleyball donors as partners, supporters and family, making a pathway that enhances our student-athletes’ experiences as lifelong Hokies.

- Head Coach Marci Byers

The cost of competitive excellence continues to rise in the ACC, your support during Triumph Together will be instrumental in assisting Virginia Tech Volleyball in these areas: 

  • Funds for recruiting will be utilized for Coach Byers’ staff to continue the build of Virginia Tech Volleyball with some of the most talented potential Hokies around the country
  • Resources for comfortable, charter travel that could get the Hokies to their destination and back to campus quickly

 “We are so grateful to the Hokie Club donors. Everything that we accomplish is a result of your gratitude!” 

- Cera Powell

Volleyball Donors By State
Rank State Gifts
1 VA 40
2 OH 5
3 MD 2
Most Donors Leaderboard
Which sport can collect the highest amount of donors? Support the Virginia Tech Athletics program that resonates with you as we Triumph Together!
Rank Department Donors
1 Women's Soccer 341
2 Football 301
3 Wrestling 252
4 Softball 214
5 Swimming & Diving 201
6 Baseball 177
7 Women's Basketball 175
8 Men's Basketball 161
9 Virginia Tech Spirit Squads 108
10 Lacrosse 88
11 Track & Field/Cross Country 70
12 Women's Golf 68
13 Men's Tennis 67
14 Volleyball 65
15 Men's Soccer 63
16 Student-Athlete Development 56
17 Women's Tennis 46
18 Men's Golf 38
Volleyball Match #1
Match secured! Continue to support Virginia Tech Women's Soccer until 6 PM on August 25th!
$5,000 / $5,000 Raised
Volleyball Match #2
Match secured! Continue to support Virginia Tech Volleyball until 6 PM on August 25th!
$10,000 / $10,000 Raised
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