Virginia Tech Giving Day 2022
College of Science

The College of Science is a pillar of research and education at Virginia Tech, with more 4,900 students. Our faculty and staff teach an estimated 248,000 credit hours each year, more than any other College. And those students who take our core science classes work and thrive and lead across Virginia Tech, in engineering, veterinary medicine, environmental science, and more. In recent years, our alumni have become a force in both the academic and corporate worlds, with 73,000 College of Science graduates helping discover previously unknown phenomenon, scaling the ever-enlarging world of big data, breaking new ground in neurosciences and the inner workings of the brain.

The dedication of faculty and staff shows every day. You, our alumni, know this. And so does the university. In 2016, our Department of Biological Sciences, Department of Chemistry, and Department of Physics each won a Virginia Tech Exemplary Department Award, for their efforts in effective large classroom instruction. And just a few weeks ago, our Department of Geosciences captured the Exemplary Department Award for 2017, the award honoring its teaching and research efforts on the undergraduate and graduate levels, and for its outreach and engagement with the public.

Giving to the College of Science makes a tremendous difference for students in our eight core departments, and our Academy of Integrated Science and School of Neuroscience. Please consider making a gift today of any amount - or becoming a Giving Day Ambassador for the College of Science. With your support, the college can continue to grow as a place where present and future science leaders discover, create, inspire, and inform.

Rank State Gifts
1 VA 438
2 NC 20
3 PA 15
College of Science Challenge
Pat Caldwell will generously donate $10,000 to the College of Science annual fund if 293 donors make a gift to any College of Science fund. Help us meet this challenge by making your gift today!
293 / 293 Gifts
Exit Light, Enter Night Challenge
Are you up late? Why not make a gift to your favorite area of the university? If the university gets 50 gifts between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. EST, a generous anonymous donor will give an extra $2,500 to the Virginia Tech Annual Fund!
50 / 50 Gifts
Early Bird Challenge
Rise and shine, early bird Hokies! Why not start off your day with gifts to your favorite areas of Virginia Tech? If the university gets 25 gifts from 4-6 a.m. EST, a generous donor will give an extra $1,500 to the Virginia Tech Annual Fund!
25 / 25 Gifts
College of Science Gifts Leaderboard
What department is going to bring in the most gifts during Giving Day?
Rank Prize Fund Designation Gifts
1 $2,500 Geosciences Department Annual Fund 148
2 Economics Department Annual Fund 118
3 Biological Sciences Department Annual Fund 79
4 Statistics Department Annual Fund 69
5 College of Science Annual Fund 60
6 Psychology Department Annual Fund 35
7 Chemistry Department Annual Fund 27
8 Mathematics Department Annual Fund 16
9 Physics Department Annual Fund 14
10 School of Neuroscience Annual Fund 12
11 Academy of Integrated Science Annual Fund 12
College of Science Amount Raised Leaderboard
What College of Science fund is going to bring in the most dollars during Giving Day? Give what you can to your department to keep them at the top of the list!
Rank Prize Fund Designation Raised
1 $2,500 Geosciences Department Annual Fund $12,660.18
2 College of Science Annual Fund $11,160.18
3 Biological Sciences Department Annual Fund $7,838.38
4 Economics Department Annual Fund $6,373.30
5 Statistics Department Annual Fund $5,620.18
6 Chemistry Department Annual Fund $3,185.00
7 Physics Department Annual Fund $2,010.00
8 Psychology Department Annual Fund $1,280.18
9 Mathematics Department Annual Fund $1,045.00
10 School of Neuroscience Annual Fund $566.00
11 Academy of Integrated Science Annual Fund $515.21
Vice President Participation Leaderboard Challenge
Which giving area will receive the most donations during Virginia Tech Giving Day? Make a gift to your favorite area of Virginia Tech to help keep your area at the top of the leaderboard! The areas with the most gifts at the end of Giving Day will receive an additional donation from Virginia Tech Vice President of Advancement Charlie Phlegar.
Rank Prize Areas of Support Gifts
1 $1,250 College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences 799
2 $750 College of Engineering 789
3 $500 College of Science 612
4 Pamplin College of Business 520
5 Corps of Cadets 370
6 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences 356
7 Student Affairs & Student Organizations 265
8 College of Architecture and Urban Studies 202
9 Athletics 199
10 College of Natural Resources and Environment 148
11 Hokie Family Annual Fund 131
12 Virginia Tech Transportation Institute 127
13 Moss Arts Center 126
14 Alumni Scholarship Fund 115
15 Virginia Tech Annual Fund 103
16 Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine 72
17 Inclusion and Diversity 62
18 Myers-Lawson School of Construction 58
19 Graduate School 56
20 Biocomplexity Institute of Virginia Tech 49
21 Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute 46
22 University Libraries 34
23 Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine 22
24 Honors College 19
25 W.E. Skelton 4H Center 14
26 Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology 7
27 Institute for Critical Tech and Applied Science 3
28 Innovation Campus 0
29 Fralin Life Science Institute 0
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